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Conviction To Impacting Lives

The past few days I have been thinking a lot about beliefs and convictions (not the criminal type). In my life there are many beliefs that I have, like; Family and G-d are of primary importance, making my wife happy, … Continue reading

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Are You Selling A Product/Service Or Sharing Your Valuable Passion?

Think of five non-fashion things in your life that you bought and use- My guess is that no one had to sell it to you. Now think of five non-fashion things that you bought, but had to be SOLD ON. … Continue reading

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Want To Discover Your Purpose? Take A Shower

Well. There you have it. The secret is out. You thought that the best way to realize your life purpose and experience your best self, was to go away on a motivational weekend, read lots of books, or go to … Continue reading

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Money Money Money. I think It’s Time for a Sabbatical From Money.

By a show of hands. How many people want to earn lots of money in their business? Wow. That’s a lot of hands. Now by a show of hands. Who wants to live a meaningless life and die impoverished? Yeah. … Continue reading

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