Peer Coaching. Creating Proper Coaching Habits

WHEN peer coaching its easy to create bad habits. It’s important to model the relationship that you want with your future “paying clients” even when you are peer coaching.

Make sure to model contracting, billing, check-ins, accountability, and all other elements that you envision in your coaching practice and relationships with your clients.

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Live Workshop In Thornhill. Building Yur Success Blueprint

Very Exciting. I’m doing a goal setting workshop in Thornhill, On this week. Only 2 spots left. If you know anyone in the GTA that would benefit from having a plan for their life. Please share the link.

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Where Should I Focus My Client Building Efforts?

Fellow Coach Deborah P. asks “where should I focus my efforts – website, leaflets, networking events, old work colleagues, online, social media etc.”

Though many of these tools are useful in building a practice, you have to remember that they are only tools. You have to have the right strategy in place first.

Here are three suggestions.

1. Clearly define your niche and your client.

2. Make a list of 100 people whom you have a warm/hot connections with (Friends, Family, Colleagues). Pick the ones that would be most likely to create a warm connection with your possible niche market. And ask them to introduce you to potential clients.

3. Start small. Don’t become anxious that you are not at 10-100 clients today. Build your reputation slowly. A few satisfied clients at a time. We often try to get a 1000 clients over night. At the end of the year we are no further ahead. Building slowly and methodically will actually speed up your Practice growth

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A Little Known Strategy For Creating Spontaneity In Your Life

As the adage goes “If you fail to plan. Plan to fail”

Life needs to be planned, even when it comes to spontaneity. If you don’t create the space for it it will rarely happen. In the past few weeks I have had more spontaneous moments just because I have created space/time for it to happen. Whether it was a tickling match with my sister, a water fight with my wife, or tag and kite flying with my daughter, it was all because a made the time for it to happen.

Commit to creating some time and space for spontaneity in your life this week. You won’t regret it.



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