Who Is Rob?

Rob is a partner at SCHAUMER & PAMENSKY, an elite business coaching and marketing consulting group.

·Past owner of www.label-land.com , a unique, successful and popular online business selling iron-on and sew-on clothing labels. He was one of just a few who operated a similar business in Ontario, having brought himself ahead of the line as he pioneered social networking and multimedia to attract clientele from across the globe. His clients locally included nearly a hundred camps and tens of thousands of campers, who have utilized his products to identify lost garments at camp and at home. He successfully sold the business and is now living out his dream of helping other entrepreneurs build their own businesses.

In 2003, Label Land was the focus of a business feature in Metro newspaper and 24hrs.

·Fast becoming in in-demand elite business coach to entrepreneurs, having effectively guided dozens of company executives, on how to grow their business, remain in the public eye and significantly increase profits.

· Led a successful 12-week workshop on business training for Hadracha, a Toronto-based employment centre. Topics included: Understanding what it really means to be an entrepreneur, the Marketing strategies that most of you miss, getting clear on your vision and overcoming the obstacles that get in your way.

His blog RobMoshe.com features nearly 400 posts, where he has imparted business wisdom to tens of thousands of followers.

Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, he has reached out to small business owners and executives alike, teaching them the fine art of and science of developing a winning business strategy.

On YouTube, he can be seen in nearly 100 videos conveying his insights on time management, money management, and offers irreverent and cutting edge tips to widen any company’s exposure.

By simply encouraging others to be their very best, this optimistic, enthusiastic idealist operates ahead of the curve.

A charismatic speaker, Rob focuses on unexplored or underdeveloped possibilities. He gravitates towards new ideas that keep his thinking fresh.
A smart, logical, critical thinker, Rob starts processing by asking questions, then he experiments, takes risks, considers options, innovates, improves and develops.

He enjoys acquiring knowledge by tapping his creative, entrepreneurial and resourceful aspects to come up with fresh perspectives that encourage growth and solve problems.

He is noted for handling people with thoughtfulness, charm and concern.


Rob Moshe
robmoshe (at) gmail (dot) com