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Are You Ready To Experience Life Coaching?

You are invited to email or call me for a FREE HALF HOUR session to experience coaching: Coaching gives people advantages in both their business and personal lives. A coach will work with you to: determine the best goals for … Continue reading

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Free 20 Minute Coaching Session.

I always get the last word with my wife…. Yes Dear. With all things, practice is the only way to become skilled at something. As a Professional Coaching Student I need to get serious practice if I am going to … Continue reading

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Glamorizing The Ugly

Say the word ‘Pawn Shop’, and images come to mind of shady characters haggling with seedy shop owners, trying to get rid of stolen jewelery and property. Today as I was walking to work I saw a similar scenario. There … Continue reading

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Kung Foo Fighting and Business Success.

I went to a two hour real estate presentation today. I had gone more with the intention to do some networking, than to learn about the business. The presenter was very powerful, and even though I was more interested in … Continue reading

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