Money Money Money. I think It’s Time for a Sabbatical From Money.

By a show of hands.
How many people want to earn lots of money in their business?

Wow. That’s a lot of hands.

Now by a show of hands.

Who wants to live a meaningless life and die impoverished?

Yeah. Didn’t think so.

When I was 17 years old I set a goal for myself, that by 35 I wanted to have made my first million. This year though close to my goal I decided to give myself till 35yrs 364 days. I have less than 330 to go.

Today I made an interesting discovery. I am not really interested in money!

Now don’t get me wrong, I want to be very successful. I want to travel, take care of my family, give charity and enjoying the fine things in life, but I am not excited by money.

If you give me a $100 bill I will not get palpitations, enter a state of Ecstasy, or spend time admiring the artwork. I will thank you put it in my wallet and put it to good use.

The mind can only hold one thought at a time. If you wish to be successful in your life’s passion, how can you accomplish that if all you are thinking about is making money? If you are focusing on money, your mind is not focusing at all on what you really enjoy.

Imagine driving from New York to Florida and only looking at the odometer. Do you think you will get very far?

If you want to achieve success then its time to take a Sabbatical from thinking about money. If your business/passion is of value, by focusing all your energy into developing yourself, and serving your clients/customer, you will almost be guaranteed financial success.
If you focus on money then you will never arrive at your destination.

My passion is helping others, the path that I am expressing that through is Coaching. Every time I think about money, it is time I am taking away from supporting others in their success.

” I am now taking a sabbatical from focusing on earning money”

Whose with me?

Wishing you abundant success,


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