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Eat, Sleep, Touch Your Toes And Be Merry

This is going to be a group reflective post. Its less about my opinion and more about your thoughts. I want to know what you think your life would look like if you consistently: Ate healthy. Got your required amount … Continue reading

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Think Big. Grow Rich. I’m Positive There Is No Magic.

Recently I was at Indigo and as I was leaving I saw a bunch of books that were stacked Costco style. A book caught my eye, The Dream by Gurbaksh Chahal. Here is a brief synopsis from Amazon. Gurbaksh Chahal … Continue reading

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I’m Here. So I Am.

Take a moment to imagine. What would your world would look and feel like if negative and limiting beliefs didn’t exist? ……. I agree. WOW. Just thinking about it causes tension to melt in my chest and forehead and the … Continue reading

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