Are You Selling A Product/Service Or Sharing Your Valuable Passion?

Think of five non-fashion things in your life that you bought and use- My guess is that no one had to sell it to you.

Now think of five non-fashion things that you bought, but had to be SOLD ON. – I bet they are in a closet gathering dust.

It’s amazing that business builders and buyers don’t catch on to this amazing subtlety.

Biz Builders

If you have to SELL the customer, they don’t want it.


If you have to be SOLD you don’t want it.

If we could integrate this awareness three great things would happen:

1. There would be know more annoying sales people.

2. We would have more money to buy the things we do want.

3. We would have less junk in our homes gathering dust. – (If you do have this junk throw it out now! It will be very freeing)

So what’s the key to building a successful business where people will buy your products and services?

Find something that relates to what you are passionate about.
Something that has value to you and others.

When you apply your energy to that which you are passionate about, and that thing has values to others, you know longer have to sell, you can just share.

I’ll give you an example.

The Sellers

Some popular lines might be:

“I run a consulting company, which helps other organizations and companies start and expand their business.”


“I help people realize their financial dreams, using proven business strategies”

There is a article here showing horrendous tips.


I would like you to get involved in my network marketing business and sell Mops/Supplements/Feminine Product (I had to put this one in because someone in Twitter was trying to convince me how much I needed them)

Another pitch might be.

“Hey Baldy. You want to be able to pick up the ladies. Well you need this spray on hair.”
Translation: I’m going to play on your low self esteem so I can get you to spray paint on your head.

A big clue that you are being sold is that the seller is being vague or targeting your insecurities.

The Sharers

The originators of internet search engines:

I would imagine that the people who developed search engines had a desire to see things more organized and functional on line, and their passion was to figure it out.

Most search engines that have come on the scene are free and only because they have grown through their value, have begun to monetize via advertising.

Successful Fast Food Restaurants:

Love for making quality food. Created added value to customers by getting it to them fast.

A personal example:

About a year and a half ago I entered the world of personal coaching. I get energized from helping others achieve their best. When I meet people in person, I don’t give them any sales pitches, I usually focus on them. In most cases a person will ask me what I do, and only at that point I share that I am a Life Coach. If they ask me what that is, I share. If the ask me more about it, I share. If they want examples I share. And when they hire me as a coach I serve and share.
If after I tell them what I do, they don’t ask more questions, then we go on to the next subject. I share if asked. I don’t try to push my services on others.

So what are your next steps?

1. Discover the things you are passionate about – Not everything can be monetized. Some of our passions are just things that give us personal value in life.

2. Choose a passion that is of value to others – Whether a product or service. Clarify what the value is for other people. Not everyone is going to have the same passion as you, but as the internet has shown you that there are enough people to fill almost all the passion niches.

3. Share your passion – Don’t force, push, or deceive. Just be passionate about what you do, and when asked share with others.

Apply these techniques and you will see that there is no need to sell. You customer will come to you because they want more of what you were willing to share.

Coaching questions to help you discover your passion:

What do you value?

What do you enjoy doing?

What are your hobbies?

What discussion topics get you energized?

What would you enjoy doing, even if there was no pay?

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