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Are You Accessing Your Learning Space

I’m quite excited to be getting back into the posting groove and sharing thoughts and ideas. Its important to be aware of the spaces where you do your best leaning. The places and circumstances where you have the greatest insights … Continue reading

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The Coaches Secret Weapon For Success

When building your coaching practice Awareness is a great starting point. Three Strategies to build awareness. 1. Make sure you have your own coach – Walk your Talk 2. Make sure you are being asked the right questions to build … Continue reading

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Twitter Might Not Just Be For the Birds

Like costume jewlery and low calorie sweeteners, nothing replaces the real thing. I have heard of this site called Twitter, but until today I didn’t really know what it was all about. Basically it is a blog like site that … Continue reading

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Daily Q. – What Is Your Fuel, What Are Your Sparks?

Have you ever felt like you just can’t get in gear? Physically you feel fine. You’re eating OK, getting a bearable amount of sleep, and don’t have to many stressors weighing you down. But mentally you are a sputtering blob. … Continue reading

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