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I Don’t Give A DAMN About What You Think Of Me

Coming from a Coach this is a surprising statement. I’m supposed to have a positive relationship with you, hold you as creative resourceful and whole, and be highly focused on helping you think. Whats the meaning here? Last night was … Continue reading

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Are You Selling A Product/Service Or Sharing Your Valuable Passion?

Think of five non-fashion things in your life that you bought and use- My guess is that no one had to sell it to you. Now think of five non-fashion things that you bought, but had to be SOLD ON. … Continue reading

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Is Your Life A Rough Draft Or A Polished Copy?

     or      Imagine buying the latest best seller and when you open it up you see a bunch of hand written pages. Incoherent structure, spelling and grammatical errors, illegible words. How … Continue reading

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