Conviction To Impacting Lives

The past few days I have been thinking a lot about beliefs and convictions (not the criminal type). In my life there are many beliefs that I have, like; Family and G-d are of primary importance, making my wife happy, being a good father, meaning in life is through giving to others, I have the ability to help people through my coaching, living healthy is a sure way to greater fulfillment in life, etc..

But as I reflected on these beliefs I began to wonder, Do I show any real conviction in these beliefs? The answer was no.

So big deal, I don’t have convictions will that really have such a big impact on my life?

When I think about people that have made a positive difference in this world, like David Ben Gurion, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, I see people who took their belief to the level of conviction. These people could have sat comfortably at home and cared about the world in thought, but instead through conviction they translated those beliefs into powerful and passionately dedicated action.

So is it a big deal? For me the answer is a resounding YES!

King David said (Psalm 90:10) Our years are 70, and if we have great strength 80.

I am only in this life for a short time, I can live it to the fullest or let it pass by. I want to realize the fullness of my abilities in this world. I don’t want to just know the greatness that rests inside of me, I want to share it. I want my impact in the world to be more than just displacing earth when I am buried at the end of my days.

A Belief Becoming A Conviction.

I have always known that I have the gift of helping others improve their lives. Since my childhood I have often found myself in situations where I have been there for others and supported them in their growth. For the past 3 years I have been working with clients to help them gain greater leadership in their businesses and lives, to create success with balance. But even with a steady practice I have realized that I am serving my clients with the casualness of a belief instead of the passion of a conviction.

Awareness precedes change and change happens in an instant. I have begun to ignite that belief with the passion of conviction. I want to utilize my abilities fully to create profound and positive impact in peoples lives. Though my passion is business, I see that the tools I use can help in health, addiction, relationships, etc.


Help Yourself or Help Others.

I would like to make time for you. To help you get unstuck, catapult forward, create balance. I would like to help anyone you care about.

15- 30 Minutes of Free Coaching

Change does not have to take weeks. Through 15 minute laser sessions and short 30 minute sessions I have helped clients gain insights towards growth and created action strategies for growth.

Permit me to positively impact your life.

Sign up for a FREE 15-30 min coaching session. The calls are done over phone (North America) or Skype (North America and International).

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