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It’s So Important To You. So Why Has A Week Passed?

A year from now you may wish you had started today. ~Karen Lamb You think big, dream big, plan big and take action in a big way. Unfortunately this often happens only in your mind. On the out side you … Continue reading

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But Do You SEE And KNOW A Forest?

 A businessman decides one day that he wants to create an inheritance for his family. Something that will help them in the generations to come. He choses to grow a forest. He has plenty of arid land and if … Continue reading

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What Are Your Dreams?

Often the most simple of questions can not only unleash the greatest impact in our lives but it can also be the most difficult to answer. Often when you ask a person “What are your dreams?” you receive little more … Continue reading

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The Daily Q. – What Risk Do You Need To Take, To Get Closer To Success?

Back in December 2007 I wrote a post Thinking About Rabbits Feet, that discussed the importance of taking risks. This evening I was having a conversation and the topic of risk taking came up again. The risks we take are … Continue reading

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