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Why Are Smart Businesses Owners Hiring More Strategic Marketing Coaches In Bad Times, Than They Ever Hired In Good Times

For some it might be counter intuitive, but think about it. As a business owner what do you want to do when times are tough. You want to cut back. You cut back on marketing, advertising, and coaching. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Are You Intentional About Your Success?

For the past few days I have been recommending a Free E-book that I was very impressed with. Many freebies that I have seen are just fluff to try and get you to buy into a product or service. Though … Continue reading

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Giving Your Attraction Traction.

Back in January of 2008 I had written a post called Putting And End To Annoying Network Marketers. In the post I discussed a online book that I had purchased on Network Marketing called The Renegade Network Marketer. Though not … Continue reading

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Glamorizing The Ugly

Say the word ‘Pawn Shop’, and images come to mind of shady characters haggling with seedy shop owners, trying to get rid of stolen jewelery and property. Today as I was walking to work I saw a similar scenario. There … Continue reading

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