Want To Discover Your Purpose? Take A Shower

Shower Head

Well. There you have it. The secret is out.

You thought that the best way to realize your life purpose and experience your best self, was to go away on a motivational weekend, read lots of books, or go to endless workshops. Little did you know that the key do discovering your true essence was to improve you personal hygiene.

I’m sure your hygiene is fine and that you are showering on a regular basis, so you must be thinking “If what you say is true why haven’t I figured IT out?”

In order to grow forward we require three phases.

The First Phase is Awareness.

We need to know what we want to work on, improve, discover.

The Second Phase is Choice.

We have to decide what the next steps are. What we have to do to achieve what we have just become aware of.

The Third Phase is Action.

We know what we want. We know what we have to do. Now we have to ACT.

Back to the Shower.

Have you ever noticed how time can just fly right by while you are in the shower?

One minute you are washing your hair and then 20 minutes later you suddenly realize that you are still washing your hair.

There is something about the combination of being alone with hot water beating rhythmically on your skin. You just can’t help going deep inside yourself.

When we are in the shower we manage to solve all the problems of the world. We improve our relationships, we improve our businesses, we improve our spirituality, and we even get to spend time with our greatest self.

So why am I not experiencing growth afterall I have been showering for X years?

Back to the Phases.

While we are in the shower we experience the first two phases. We become aware and we come up with ideas to reach the new awareness.

Unfortunately when we turn of the water and step out of the shower we leave it all behind. We jump back into our lives and forget everything until we need another cleaning.


Once you have completed the first two phases, you must take ACTION.

There is no success, there is no growth without action.

Action turns your shower dreaming into dry goods.

Does anyone know where I can get a waterproof computer?

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