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Here is what people are saying about Professional Coaching with Rob Moshe

If you’ve ever been “stuck” and need help getting un-stuck, I’m happy to recommend Rob Moshe’s personal coaching.

I worked with Rob recently on a career matter, and his demeanor, approach and skill at empowering those with whom he consults, reminded me of my own inner strength to surmount the challenges that lay before me. By no means is the process over, but it all starts with the first step, and I am pleased to have received my “walking papers” with Rob’s help.

Matt K. – California

“Working with Rob, I accomplished things that otherwise would have remained unfinished ideas. Instead of getting overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks, he guided me to take measured steps that helped me achieve my longer term goals. A compassionate and attentive listener, Rob is able to get to the heart of the matter in a single question. He was always generous in sharing information about resources I wouldn’t have known about, and educating me–without ever preaching–about helpful small business concepts and useful technology.”

Avrum N. – Ontario

  1. R ebecca SK Says:
    I had never experienced a coaching session before. My curiosity in what makes a coaching session work was matched step by step with Rob Moshe’s curiosity in my concerns and career plans. He magnaged to tease out the thoughts that helped me formulate a path forward that I already knew to be right for me but had not taken the time out of a busy schedule to think about. Everyone could use a bit of help now and again to crystalize their thoughts. It was an interesting discussion and I would reccommend Rob readily. He was professional, courteous, and personable without being overbearing.
  2. Trinity Clark Says:
    My first “free” coaching session was liberating using the most primal explanation. After years of giving coaching only a minute space of thought, “free” was the trigger of exploration. I know that the shackles that bound each person from their true potential are very different but to actually have someone there to help you release them is so liberating. One session and I had a better understanding of myself and the knowledge to know I had to continue.When I think of Rob I think of the saying “people don’t know what they don’t know.” It took exceptional marketing skill to give away a free session so that many could learn what they don’t know. I have learned that the distance between point A and point B is much shorted with a GOOD coach. I read self help books profusely, I had knowledge of where to go from here in my life but life has a way of getting lost in the daily cumulative tidbits of thoughts.

    Rob? Well he was very professional, courteous,warm and deeply committed to his work. I can’t wait till my next session.I highly recommend if you have ever considered coaching that you TRY a session with Rob. I think you’ll agree after one session that coaching is the missing link you have been looking for. I highly recommend Rob!

  3. Sue Says:
    I got a lot out of my first coaching session with Rob. His ability to quickly zero in on key topics was beyond impressive. I’m still thinking about several questions he posed – the ones that were difficult for me to answer. Rob has a definite unique gift in helping others through coaching – he was warm, sincere, professional, and extremely perceptive.
  4. Alyce Says:
    I can highly recommend Rob. In one short session, he helped me to narrow in on one specific area to work on, break it down into a workable chunk, and commit to getting that one piece done. Something I’d been procrastinating on for weeks.

    More importantly, he listened to what I wanted to accomplish and really got to the core issues by asking the right questions, as well as giving me some very valuable insight into my approach that I’d never heard before.

    Rob is intuitive, insightful and down-to-earth – exactly what a coach should be!

  5. Jessie Fitzgerald Says:
    My coaching session with Rob was my first, but I can’t promise that it will be my last. This was my first experience with a life coach, and I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. I decided that I wouldn’t do that writer thing I do and research it–that I would just experience it on its own.

    Rob helped me to be the reason my business will succeed this year. He helped to awaken my inner strength that has kept me in business for myself and allow me to channel it into sustainability.

    I highly recommend Rob Moshe to anyone needing a life coach, but just in general to anyone looking to be the change they wish to see and be the person they’ve dreamed of being. Rob Moshe is a comfortable professional. I hope all life coaches are just like Rob, but don’t take the chance with that. Speak to Rob if you need intuitive insights into your life.

  6. Lori Says:
    I was very intrigued when I received the offer for a free coaching session with Rob. I had never experienced a coaching session and wanted to give it a try.
    Considering that I had never met Rob, he was very easy to talk with. He made me think about those hard to answer questions about yourself. And he wouldn’t let me out of answering them. He kept breaking down the question until I could answer the questions.
    If you are really unsure of where to go with your life or career, I definitely recommend working with Rob.