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Eat, Sleep, Touch Your Toes And Be Merry

This is going to be a group reflective post. Its less about my opinion and more about your thoughts. I want to know what you think your life would look like if you consistently: Ate healthy. Got your required amount … Continue reading

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Tree Climbing And Cherry Pickin’

I spent almost three hours today climbing a 40 foot cherry tree, pickin’ cherries. My big plan is to pit them and then run them through a masticating juicer to make some delicious sweet jam packed with nutrients cherry juice. … Continue reading

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The Powerful Impact Of Thought

A good friend of mine (C.G.)has been battling cancer for the past year and a half. When he was originally diagnosed, the prognosis was basically get your things in order there is no coming through this. C.G’s basic response was … Continue reading

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Shallow Breathing, Shallow Life. Deep Breathing, Full Life

Are you right now? Are you fatigued or energized? Do you feel tightness in your chest or do you feel open an free. Pessimistic or Optimistic? You could go for days without food or water, but without air you would … Continue reading

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