Tree Climbing And Cherry Pickin’

I spent almost three hours today climbing a 40 foot cherry tree, pickin’ cherries. My big plan is to pit them and then run them through a masticating juicer to make some delicious sweet jam packed with nutrients cherry juice.

I was musing this afternoon that the with the time it is going to take from picking to juicing it would be much more economical to buy the juice in the store.

But you know what? I had fun.

It was invigorating to be a get my 30 something body high up into the tree. I felt like a little kid again.
And the time that I took to separate the cherries from the leaves and the stems, and to wash and pit them has been surprisingly therapeutic.
It is also nice to know that the end product is fresh and the outcome of my own efforts.

I can understand why people who tend their own garden tend to be healthier physically and mentally.

This summer might be a great opportunity to avail yourself of the many local farms, and do some fun family pickin.

Make life great.

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