I’m Here. So I Am.


Take a moment to imagine.

What would your world would look and feel like if negative and limiting beliefs didn’t exist?


I agree. WOW.

Just thinking about it causes tension to melt in my chest and forehead and the rest of my body begins to tingle with excited energy at the unlimited possibilities the are out there for me. I see myself effortlessly hitting my goals in every area of my business and personal life.

One limiting belief that I was reflecting on yesterday was in the area of Present Capabilities. What I mean by Present Capabilities is that you have taken steps to educate yourself in order to achieve various objectives, whether they are in professional or personal endeavors.

For example.

You want to become a lawyer.

  • You applied to University/College.
  • You took the required courses.
  • You did your articling.
  • You passed the Bar.
  • You are a practicing lawyer.

In the ideal process you move through each step effortlessly. Learning, internalizing, and growing in your capabilities.

Unfortunately what happens is we often let our limiting beliefs get in the way.

What if I’m not good enough?
I know nothing compared to ….
What if I mess up.
I’m surely going to mess this up.
What if I look like a fool.
I’m not ready for this.

This kind of negative self talk leads to nervousness, stress and anxiety, which usually brings about mistakes and failures.

Enter the mantra.

I’m here. So I am.

In our case of the lawyer. You have completed your courses and are ready to begin your articling. Your negative thinking and limiting self talk begins.


Take a deep breath close your eyes and say.

I’m hear. So I am.

I’m Here.

I’m here today beginning the next stage in my process to becoming a Lawyer. I have taken the necessary courses and passed my exams. I have proven myself and as a result am here today and this next stage.

So I Am.

I am ready for this next step. I am capable and prepared. I have the tools that I need to successfully move forward. I am supposed to be here. I will succeed.

When we encounter toxic people, we don’t spend our valuable time with them, we don’t look for ways to incorporate them into our lives. We walk away and look for good people that will enhance our lives in a healthy way.

So to with negative and self-limiting beliefs. We should not spend our time reflecting and living with these toxic thoughts. We should simply walk away from them and look to embrace good and empowering thoughts that will serve us in a healthy and positive way.

I’m Here.

What have you accomplished up to now?

What can you acknowledge about your accomplishments?

So I Am.

Be definitive.

Speak your truth.

Recognize who you truly are.

Be unlimited.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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