Giving Your Attraction Traction.

Back in January of 2008 I had written a post called Putting And End To Annoying Network Marketers.

In the post I discussed a online book that I had purchased on Network Marketing called The Renegade Network Marketer. Though not a network marketer myself (and still not), I did find the the information very useful and I was able to apply it to my own businesses. A number of people had purchased the book through my site, and were equally pleased with the information (One wasn’t and he received a full refund).

Over the year I have received information from “The Renegade System” and recommendations for other products. The newsletters have great insights, but the products did not always meet my expectations.

For example if you sign up to be an affiliate of “The Network Marketing System” don’t buy the “SiteSell / SBI” website product. It cost over $300 and is archaic. You can do the same thing for free when you purchase a hosting package that costs under $5/month from 1&1 (a company that I recommend).

Always do your research!

Today I received information about a 3 part webinar, by Mike Klinger

He has become quite successfull through helping other build effective prospecting lists, using internet and “Attraction Marketing”

As a Coach and Consultant the powerfull effects of inplementing the Laws of Attraction are astounding. It is amazing to see clients set their intentions and achive their objectives using these principles.

The Key to your success is more than just stating you Intentions to the Universe. You must also be Committed to achieving your goal, take full force Action, and finally be sure to hold yourself Accountable.

If your Intention is to build a Prospect or Client list via the internet, whether it be for network marketing, consulting, or any other business that requires customers.
If you are Committed to taking the steps required to learn how to do that.
I recomend you take Action and check out
Mike Klinger‘s Attraction Marketing List Building Seminars, or any other resource that can help you learn the information that you require.
As for Accountability, everyone has a different way of holding themselves accountable. I find that paying for a service or product is a way of holding me accountable, I don’t like wasting my money, if I pay for something I am going to try it.

The price for the seminars is $97. Managable but not chump change either. If you purchase it make sure you go through the information in a timley manner. If you feel the information is not for you they will give you a 30 day full “no questions asked” refund period.

To read more about the program click the link below.

‘How I Built My First List’

The first two live webinars have already been
held and are ready to watch. The third class
is on Tuesday, February 17th and anyone who
purchases the recorded version of this series
will get access to that call as soon as it’s


Intention. Commitment. Action. Accountability

All the best,


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