Are You Intentional About Your Success?

For the past few days I have been recommending a Free E-book that I was very impressed with. Many freebies that I have seen are just fluff to try and get you to buy into a product or service. Though the author is also interested in growing her business the book is a stand alone. You could read the 75 page book and not benefit from anything else the author offers and still greatly improve your business.
And when I say business, I mean whatever business you are in. Product, Service, Real estate, Doctor, Lawyer, etc.

Though I’ve had an exceptional response -10% of people that have checked out the link have downloaded the book – I would like more people to read it.

What’s in it for me?

There is always something. Right?

There are two benefits:

  • I like helping others succeed – This is my passion. That is why I am a Coach and consultant.
  • Some readers will want to benefit from the other educational products to build their biz. And for those people I will not only have helped them improve their biz, but I will also get a commission on the educational products they buy.

I offer a Challenge:

There are two types of business builders.

  • The first type says: “Ohhhh. Look for only $29.99/month I can make $5000/month for doing nothing” – Sure thats going to happen.
  • The second type says: “I am willing to put in my efforts to acheive success. I know that the conventional way is not the best and that there are new Ideas and approaches out there that I can apply and prosper from.” – I’m thinking good chances of success.

My offer is to the second type.

If you are the type of person who is intentional about succeeding in your endeavors and you are willing to look for information to devour information and tools to help you get there.

I challenge you to download the free e-book, read it, and think how you can apply it to your own business.

My Guarantee:

If you don’t feel that the FREE E-book is valuable I will offer you:

  • A FREE 30 minutes of personal coaching. (Click here to learn about Coaching)

Additional Gift.

Every week for the next 4 weeks I will randomly pick a name of someone who has downloaded the book. That person will get a $25 gift card from

Are you willing to be intentional about your success?

Down load the free E-book Here

The Attraction Marketers Manifesto


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