Kung Foo Fighting and Business Success.

I went to a two hour real estate presentation today. I had gone more with the intention to do some networking, than to learn about the business. The presenter was very powerful, and even though I was more interested in his presentation style than in the course that was being marketed, by the end of the presentation I found myself wanting to take the course. It required a conscious effort not to sign up. The information was useful and the program was sound. I didn’t sign up for the course for two reasons, one because I decided to wait a day to see if the desire remained after the energetic presentation, and two because although I would benefit from the course, it was not in-line with my current focus.

Driving home I was reflecting on the times when I get super energized about something – A great book, movie, speaker, or even a powerful conversation – and how I often want to absorb myself further into the source of that feeling.

An example is watching a martial arts movie. Back in 91 I saw this great action movie “Perfect Weapon”, the actor Jeff Speakman is a master in Kempo Karate. The movie was awesome, and for days after I was practicing the moves and looking into martial arts classes. Ultimately the high would dissipate and the martial arts interest would die (never got past orange belt), until the next movie.

Back to the reflecting.
What if when we feel energized because of an experience, instead of trying to absorb your self further into something that will most likely not sustain your interest, why not use that energy and focus it on working towards one of your goals, or working on your business or relationship?

The idea is something that Napoleon Hill refers to as Sex Transmutation. Hill contends that the most successful men of his time had an intelligent woman behind them, that knew how to focus their desire/energy towards success.

Maybe next time when you see a great action movie, instead of looking to take up kung foo fighting, try writing that post, working on your business, or making those cold calls (the prospect will be affected by your energy). You might be surprised at the successful outcome.

If you have had any experience with this idea, I would appreciate you sharing it with us.


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