Free 20 Minute Coaching Session.

I always get the last word with my wife…. Yes Dear.

With all things, practice is the only way to become skilled at something. As a Professional Coaching Student I need to get serious practice if I am going to succeed at helping my clients reach peak levels of performance.

That being said my wife issued me a challenge. Don’t come up from the office until you have another client. She also told me I have to be home for dinner, so I only have a few hours.

So I am offering 5 of my readers a free 20 min coaching session.

In the 20 minutes we will;

  • Hear the issue and clarify it
  • Look at some strategies.
  • Create and action plan.
  • Devise a strategy for follow through.

A few things to keep in mind;

Coaching is not therapy – We will not be dwelling or delving into your past. Coaching is about the desire for growth and taking forward action to realize that growth.

Coaching is not a magic bullet – The more complex the issue the longer it takes to grow forward. In 20 minutes you can begin the process of change not complete it.

Coaching is fun – This it not those stereotypes where the coach yells and degrades the client. Personal and Life Coaching is about positive respect and positive relationships. We focus on your greatness not on your weakness.

Coaching will be done on the phone – If you are within North America I will call you, so you do not incur any long distance charges.
If you are interested just say “I’m Interested” in the comments section. For privacy reasons I will not post any of the participants in the comments section.

Rob Moshe

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