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In G-d We Trust……Do We??

I was exchanging some US$ for Can$ this evening. I was looking at the $100 bill and noticed the sentence “In G-d We Trust”.  I know its there. I’ve seen it before, but this time I really noticed it. After … Continue reading

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Short Thought – Are You Choosing To Think About Your Spouse Lovingly?

We are constantly told that our lives are a reflection of out thoughts and actions. People who think negatively all the times often lead very sad and depressing lives, and people who think positively often lead very fulfilling lives.So in … Continue reading

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What Your New Weeks Resolutions?

You read it correctly. It’s not a typo. Why is it that people feel that they can make a declaration of their intentions once a year, and all will come to fruition? If repetition is the mother of learning, then … Continue reading

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Misery Loves Company

A friend just sent me this great video. It really helps put into perspective how we often view ourselves in this world. And how badly we need to give ourselves a little shake.

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