In G-d We Trust……Do We??

I was exchanging some US$ for Can$ this evening. I was looking at the $100 bill and noticed the sentence “In G-d We Trust”. 

I know its there. I’ve seen it before, but this time I really noticed it.

After I left, I just kept on thinking about that line “In G-d We Trust”.

Do we really?

How do we live our lives to show this trust?

Now I am sure most of the people reading this are upright citizens who would never steal.

But what about fudging some numbers on your taxes?

How about eating some of the grapes while you are shopping?

Do you ever try to park without paying the meter?

Do you live on credit?

Do you give charity?

I’m sure the list could go on.

How would you act if you did Trust?

How would you fee?

What would the world look like if we lived our lives by this Credo?

Something to think about.


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