What Your New Weeks Resolutions?

You read it correctly. It’s not a typo.
Why is it that people feel that they can make a declaration of their intentions once a year, and all will come to fruition?

If repetition is the mother of learning, then we are going to have to be a little more repetitive about our desires and intentions.

I don’t know about you, but there have been numerous times were I come up with a great post idea, only to have it disappear in my busy mind, because I forgot to lock it in.

If things only had to be stated once to be remembered, day planners would cease to exist.

If you want to achieve, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily objectives, you need to be intentional about what you want and how you are going about doing so.

Here is a 4 step process that you can use to really move forward.

1. Create four folders labeled: 5 year, This year, This Month, and This Week

2. Reflect on what goals you would like in your “Five year” and “This Year” folders.

3. In your “This Month” Folder determine your strategies for the comming month to help you reach your mid to long range goals.

4. In “This Week” Plan out your coming week with your meetings, and actions for the week to help you reach your “This Month”, mid and long term goals.

If you are going to resolve to do something once a year you might as well not bother even making the statement.

If you are going to resolve to do something 52 weeks a year, you are going to succeed.

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