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46. A Great Social Interacting Opportunity.

Growing your blog is not just about writing great post, or randomly commenting on other blogs, its also about interacting with fellow bloggers. To use an analogy. We can walk around down town and not talk to a single person, … Continue reading

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37. Are You A Commenting Coward?

“ History never remembers the followers, it only remembers the person that was their leader.” – Anon “If you save one live, it is as if you saved an entire world.” – Babylonian Talmud These two quotes embody the readers’ … Continue reading

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36. To Comment Or Not To Comment? Any Comments?

When I started my blog I had heard various opinions on whether you should have comments on or off. Some of the opinions amongst the Blog leaders;  Steve Pavlina – His feeling is that as your traffic grows it … Continue reading

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35. When Your Mind Goes Blank, Post A Book.

Your readers demand information, but today you sit at your computer and stare at the cursor blinking, you can’t think of a thing to write. Ultimately your repeat readers are coming to your blog because they appreciate and value the … Continue reading

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