46. A Great Social Interacting Opportunity.

Growing your blog is not just about writing great post, or randomly commenting on other blogs, its also about interacting with fellow bloggers. To use an analogy. We can walk around down town and not talk to a single person, but put us in a room with the same people and tell us that we have something in common, and we will soon be chatting up a storm.

In the same vein with blogging it is the opportunities for social interaction (being put in the room) that really help us and our blogs grow.

Darren Rowse at Problogger is running a Group Writing Project, which is a great opportunity to meet new bloggers, check out what they have to say and have them check out what you have say.

The topic is “Reviews and Predictions” what happened in 2006 what’s going to happen in 2007.

One thing I can predict is, if you participate you will meet some incredible people and traffic will increase to your blog.

Check it out now!ÂÂ

Group Writing Project at Problogger

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