37. Are You A Commenting Coward?

“ History never remembers the followers, it only remembers the person that was their leader.” – Anon

“If you save one live, it is as if you saved an entire world.” – Babylonian Talmud

These two quotes embody the readers’ responsibility to commenting.

Most of us are afraid to stand before a crowd and express our inner self. We much prefer to be followers, part of the herd. We do this because it is safe.
It is the one who bravely steps forward and takes a stand for what they believe who is ultimately recognized and remembered. They might fail they might be wrong, but at least they tried, and for this they are respected.

The idea of saving an entire world by saving one life, is that from one life endless generations will be born, enough to populate the world.

When you read a post that strikes a chord in you, even if there are 0 comments, be brave, be a leader and comment. Not only does it give those that are followers the opportunity to express their voice, but if you also have a Blog there is a good chance that you will get traffic by being one of the first few who comment.

Also if the Blog has the potential to share great ideas, then by commenting you keep it alive, you help it to grow, you become part of its eventual greatness.

It has been recommended that a Blogger keep comments off until they have a strong readership, because if a reader sees 0 comments than they think the post has no value. If you are walking down the street and you see a diamond ring on the ground, do you leave it because no one else has picked it up?

Will you be a leader or will you hide in their shadow.

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