35. When Your Mind Goes Blank, Post A Book.

Your readers demand information, but today you sit at your computer and stare at the cursor blinking, you can’t think of a thing to write. Ultimately your repeat readers are coming to your blog because they appreciate and value the information that you give them. When your mind draws a blank there are still things that you can do to keep the information flowing.

  • Post about other bloggers that you subscribe to. If you value their information, there is a strong likelihood that your readers will want the information also.
  • Read a newspaper or magazine. Read articles related to your niche and talk about them, this will help you keep up to date.
  • Watch a movie. If you are blogging in the areas of personal growth, you can learn a lot from a good movie. I found a great link on Amazon called Movies With Lessons For Writers . You can watch a movie and get inspiration for you next topic.
  • Post a Book.   I especially like this idea because it is an almost endless reserve of ideas. Pick you favorite books and write about it chapter by chapter. It is great on so many levels.
    • It helps you review and concretize your ideas, while you share them with your readers.
    • It can become your own personal Coles notes. There are some books that I have read 5 times already. This can help when you want a review.
    • If you have an Amazon Associate account. You can profit from readers that buy the book, because of the interest you create.

And when all else fails, go through the motions. Often the best way to activate our mind is to go through the process of posting.  Turn on your computer, go to a blank page and start typing. It doesn’t matter what you type, it can be random words or complete gibberish, just type whatever types into your head, and you will soon see some coherent ideas begin to form

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