Why Did It Take Harry Potter Seven Books To Beat Lord Voldemort

The easy answer is money. A if you have a billion dollar franchise you try to keep it going for as long as humanly possible.

But I want to go deeper here. In all the stories where you have the wet behind the ears hero, it is rarely some new skill that he learned that helps him defeat the enemy. What often happens is that the hero comes to that critical moment where he either loses it all or gives it his all. At that point the hero accesses every fiber of his being and conquers the enemy, often using abilities that before that moment he didn’t even realize he had, but the truth is that they were there all along.

I’m sure in your own life you have had these experiences as well, though I hope your enemies have not be evil sorcerers and the like. Your enemies might be; laziness, bad eating, smoking, drinking, failed relationships, low ambition, financial waste or your own limiting beliefs about yourself. But there are times when without any other resources you manage to dig deep and overcome.

Three weeks ago after a five weeks sick leave (pneumonia) from playing squash, I got back on the court. The first few games I was getting winded easily, and I could barely get any points off my opponent. By the end of the second week my game was still lousy, part of me wanted to give up. I could not seem to get past this wall of lousy playing, what was all the more frustrating was that I wasn’t even getting tired during the games. I couldn’t get my legs to move, and my arms had no push. On Monday after losing five three games in a row I reached the enough is enough point. It was either give up or break the wall. The fourth game was an improvement and the fifth game I won. Yesterday and today when I got off the court I had won a number of games and as well was thoroughly drenched with sweat from going all out. I broke through the wall.

I didn’t learn any new skills that Monday, I didn’t use any energy drinks, I just accessed what I knew was within me.

I was speaking to a client today discussing the importance of clarifying her long term vision. I asked her to write what she would like her life to look like five years from now. I asked that she write it in the present tense as if it was already her reality. I explained to her that when she is totally clear on her vision then she will unleash the gifts and talents that are sleeping inside to rapidly move towards the realization of that vision. I shared with her that I believed that she was creative, resourceful and whole, and that her success in life is already loaded up onto the projector inside of her, she just needs to shine it out into the world.

Know that you have the ability to overcome your inner enemies. You have the tools inside of you. Your success in life is already loaded up on the projector inside of you, turn the switch and let it shine into the world.



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