What I’ll Do For You

I’ve been working on clarifying the vision for my Executive Coaching practice. I was speaking with a client and I wanted to clarify what I am here to do for him.

This is how it came out.

My role as your coach is to help you clarify your vision for yourself and your business in a massively powerful way. When your vision is clear we will then clarify what your present reality is. When that is clear we will focus our energies on helping you close the gap between your present reality and your future vision. We will do this by discovering strategies that will lead you to your vision as well as a step by step game plan to carry you toward your goals. We will work on developing your self leadership which will translate into leading those around you effectively. Throughout the entire journey I will hold you in the space of “Creative, Resourceful and Whole” a person fully capable of attaining your vision. I will support you and push you relentlessly till you have achieved your vision.

What do you think?


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