Giving A $1,000,000 Value

The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither ~ Confucius

I spent the day at a cottage on Lake Simcoe today.

My partner and I wanted to get away from the city and work on vision for our coaching practice. There is nothing like getting out of the city and sitting in nature by the water to help creative ideas flow.

Though we do what we do because we love it, at the end of the day we also need to support our families.

Since I got his with pneumonia my perspective on how I want to focus on my coaching has changed. It was clear to me that if I would focus on coaching and making money I would dilute my focus in both.

The truth is that it is not so practical to focus and build your business by holding an amount that you want to make in your minds eye. Our mind it most effective when it is given a direction or request that gives it the ability to become laser like in its focus. When you give the directive to your brain that you want to make x dollars then it will see everything as a way to make money. Sell more volume, take this job, take that job, start this business, start that business. Making x dollars is so vague.

This creates an even bigger challenge if you are already working on a business. You are trying to grow your business but with a x dollar focus your brain keeps distracting you because in the short term your actions might not be making any money. So you end up being in constant battle with your mind over what to focus on.

Focus On Value

I would hope that in whatever business you do you strive to give great value. Whether product or service, your focus should be adding value to your customers lives, businesses etc. Where a dollar amount alone is so vague, attaching it to value can rocket your business growth.

Lets say you business is bringing in $100,000 a year. You want to take your business to the next level. You sit down to right out your vision and the essence of it is; I want to make $300,000 in my business in the next 24months. With a focus like that you will find your self constantly looking at your sales numbers. If you are lucky to come up with an idea of value you will constantly be distracted by checking the sales numbers because your brain needs to know if it is taking you towards more money, because that’s what you told it your goal is.

Now instead lets say your vision was; In the next 24 months I wish to give $300,000 of valuable service in x to my clients. Though the difference may seem subtle the impact is incredible. Your mind immediately focus’s on finding ways to add greater value to your customers. You gets creative and value focus. You don’t spend time constantly looking at numbers because your brain isn’t focused on money its focused on creating greater value. As a result you are constantly checking your business to ensure that more value is being added, your customers are more satisfied with your product or service, that your relationship with your customers is deeper and stronger. Instead of looking at sales numbers constantly you are looking into affiliate programs and add ons and product enhancements and joint venture partnerships.

And the amazing thing. As you create that amazing value for your customers, the financial growth starts to happen almost magically. Your current customers will buy more often and refer you, and your new customers will more readily recognize the value in buying from you.

Give it a try for just one month and you will be blown away by your shift in focus and your ability to create more rapid growth in your business.

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