Your Success Is Hiding In Your Fear

After such a long hiatus from writing posts, I feel as if I am on a posting rampage. Consistency it tricky for me sometimes, writing 1,2 or 3 times a week. I’ve decided for now that if an insight hits me I will just post it.

It’s truly facinating the way we are created. On the one hand we are able to change and adapt to the world around us, and on the other hand we are highly resistant and fearful of change.

It would seem that when change is forced upon us we change and adapt, but if it is optional we avoid.


Because a body at rest stays at rest.

When we are comfortable where we are we resist change. Even being unhappy or in pain isn’t enough. Have you ever had a headache but are too resistant to get out of bed to take a Tylenol? How about that relationship that you are in that you should have ended months or years ago?

Growth comes through change, but we fear the change because we don’t know what will be when the change has taken place.

In previous posts I have spoken about the importance of having a vision. When you are clear on your vision you can then evaluate where you are and then what action is required to close the gap.

When you begin to think about what actions will help you get from where you are to where you want to be, notice what thoughts make you feel a bit fearful and resistant. When you get that feeling it is a strong sign that taking action in those areas will lead you rapidly to your success.

And with your vision strongly etched in your mind you have a sense of what will be on the other side of change. The stronger your vision the easier it will be to break through your wall of fear.

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