What Could You Do With Your Month?

Coming of the heels of Healthy Month, I have recently begun Learning Month.

For over 8 years I had been trying to get back into better physical health. Though I worked out 4 times a week, it seemed to be more of a counterbalance to my unhealthy life style. I wouldn’t gain weight, unless I stopped playing, but I wasn’t really feeling more physically fit.

In the middle of December 2009 we went away for a family vacation for a week. By the end of the week after filling my body with way to much junk. I decided it was time to change the pattern.

I needed a new approach.

If I tell you not to think about a pink elephant, the first thing that you will see in your mind is a pink elephant.

If I tell you there are no red cars on the highway today you will see more red cars than usual.

We focus more on the images than on the do’s or do nots that precede them.

I realized that stating the intention No More Junk Food, was not going to work for two reasons.

One was because all I would be seeing in my mind is Junk Food and then want to eat it even more and two because it was a totally undefined intention.

So here is what I did… I asked my wife What would our lives look like if we ate healthy for a month?

We spent about 2-3 min answering the question. Things like Vibrancy, more energy, healthier skin, lose weight, save money and more came up.

Then I asked What are the benefits of eating junk food? Aside from laughing and the question and emotional comfort food, nothing much else came up.

So I asked If there is such benefit to eating healthy, would it be worthwhile to try it for a MONTH?

And Healthy Month was born.

The month ended this past Monday. Thank G-d we accomplished our objective. I lost 20lb, I’m leaner, stronger and have more energy. My wife was in great shape to begin with but she has gotten stronger from doing more intense yoga workouts.

And now with healthy month ended I have developed the healthy eating habit. I just prefer healthy now.

And Now Learning Month

I suddenly realized that I have the opportunity to accomplish 12 personal development objectives this year. This is pretty massive when we can rarely follow through on one.

For some reason I began to reflect on my evenings. Usually after the kids go to sleep I putter around, pretend to do some work, watch a movie or just wander around aimlessly.

So I asked myself the question What would my life look like a month from now if I spent two hours learning 5 nights a week after the kids go to sleep?

WOW. 40 hours focused on cultivating my mind. I cant even imagine

I was sitting with a group of people at a 2hr workshop and the question that was asked was, Where would you be if you weren’t here tonight?

More than 50% of the ppl would have been doing something that takes little skill, shuts down your brain, has no true value and is an utter time waster….It’s scary that we all now that I am talking about watching TV or mindless net surfing.

I sat there smiling knowing that if I wasn’t at the workshop working my mind, I would have been at the local study hall working my mind.

Its never to late to make the best of your life. All you need to do is start with a month.

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All the best,


Rob Moshe


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