Giving My Passion

Rob Moshe
I am really passionate about coaching.

From day one when I started my program back in 2007, I knew that I had finally found something that truly connected to who I am.

I love helping people grow ~ Through coaching I am able to show you that you are creative, resourceful and whole. I am able to coach you towards strategies for success in life that are perfectly suited for your unique self. And above all the coaching process creates independence. You cultivate the path of self-directed learning and are able to carry yourself forward without my constant support.

I love the newness of change ~ I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I love to build, created and improve. I love to go against the grain. I am energized when I have to work hard to bring something into being. I don’t enjoy sameness, stagnation or monotonous tasks. Coaching truly indulges my entrepreneurial nature. Each coaching relationship brings with it a newness, for when in comes to our thinking processes no two people are remotely the same. As a coach I get to enjoy learning from you as well. I see new ways of looking at the world, new perspectives. As well I have the privileged of coaching this greatness out of you. Coaching you to realize all the potential that you have access to.

I Want To Coach You To Your Greatness

By August 09 I was just finishing off a major phase of my Professional Coaching training. I was coaching clients daily and gaining a good momentum. Then I had to make an abrupt stop ( read Dec. 25 post ). I am ready to return now and I just want to be in my passion, and that means non stop coaching. Coaching you to success.

Pro Bono

For the next three months I am offering Professional Coaching free of charge. You will get to experience the positive life changing impact of 5 complimentary Coaching sessions (a $750 value).

This coaching will take place either on the phone via skype or if you are in the GTA then we can coach in person.

Together in each 45min session we will:

  • Choose an area of focus.
  • Clarify Goals, Values and Strengths.
  • Overcome your inner critic.
  • Discover your options for achieving your goals.
  • Implement and action strategy.

Limited Space Available

I only have 15 spots available so you need to let me know of your interest right away.

Sign-up in the form below and you will be sent an email with a link to my booking page.

I look forward to showing you how Professional Coaching will quickly close the gap from where you are to where you truly want to be.

Speak To You Soon

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