Did You Know That You Are A Master?

When I was eleven I watched a martial arts movie called “The Last Dragon”. It was my favorite movie at that time (It is amazing how different the movie is through the eyes of a 36 year old). Anyway. Though I could hardly remember the movie, the final scene always stuck with me. Bruce Leroy is taking a beating from the bad guy. The bad guy keeps asking “Who is the master”? In the final moments Bruce Leroy, whilst having his head dunked in water suddenly realizes what was right inside him all along. Bruce Leroy is the master. At that point he starts glowing does some really cool Bruce Lee hand waving and wins the day.

I did a search and found the ending on the web.  Watching it got me wondering, how often do you go through life never realizing the mastery that lies within you?
We are so busy being hard on ourselves that we never take the time to appreciate all that we have achieved, all the gifts that we have.  We might justify this by saying we don’t want to become lazy or too full of ourselves, but in truth we are are hardest critics (yes even harder than our mothers).

When we focus on our talents and our accomplishments, we have the opportunity to become energized. Thought we might not get a visible golden aura about us, a person that is energized by their gift is more visibly alive.

If you don’t believe me, take 2-3 min to right down all your gifts, talents and accomplishments, then read them aloud. You will be amazed at the added energy.
Imagine starting everyday off with this mindset.

Remember. You Are A Master.

The Last Dragon Ending

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