An Ebook Worth The Read

In January of 2008, while doing some research for a consulting gig, I happened upon Ann Seig’s The Renegade Network Marketer. The ebook was $67 and came with a money back guarantee. Though not a network marketer myself I found the ideas in the book intriguing. I read the 143 pages in a day and a half. Thought many of the ideas were not new to be, it was great to see them from the authors angle. I was immediately able to apply the ideas to my own business at the time ( and now I apply them as well to my coaching practice.

Untill July 23,2009 there is a half price sale on the ebook
You can access the link here
The Renegade Network Marketer

“The sales letter for this link is really long. I thing it is there to test if people have the discipline to succeed

This book is not just for Network Marketers. If you are serious about building any business, the ideas in this book and the additional online resoursed will prove to be highly valueable.

I am also offering a complimentary Professional Coaching session for anyone who purchases the ebook.

When you do read the book, please come back here and share your successes.

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