Are You Defense Strong and Attack Weak?

On Wednesday I was playing Squash (my microcosm for reflective growth). Though he was scoring more points, I was doing a good Job of holding off my opponent. The strange thing was that when I had the serve, the level of my game dropped drastically. When I had to defend I brought my skills and strengths to the forefront but when I was on the attack, it was if I had fallen asleep.

I reflected on how this plays out in our business success.

Many times I have heard people say; “I just can’t take it to the next level” or “I know what has to be done, why can’t I succeed?”

I think that herein lies a key.

When we have to Defend what we have already built, we draw on the abilities that we have, we strengthen our resolve and we ensure survival. We do this because the alternatives are often to scary. We would either have to lose what we have built, or start over again.

When it comes to the Attack, the attempt to move forward, we tend to fall into complacency , we hesitate to take steps that might represent to much change, because change is really scary (at least that is what we convince ourselves to be true). As a result we hold back, we don’t draw on all that we have. We create the failure where it had no need to exist.

So what can you do to overcome.

One way is to visualize in your mind what the amazing outcome will be when you move forward. Another is to recognize the strengths and abilities that have brought you to where you are now, and accept that if you have gotten “here” then you can get “there”

The goal is to cultivate your abilities till you become Defense and Attack Strong. Then not only will you be able to hold your ground when the storm rages against, but you will also be able to reach the heights of your success when the way is open to you.

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