This Is How I Did It.

You know those “Know it all” types? The ones that can go on and on telling you how much they know about this and that. Though they can be annoying there are some lessons you can learn from them.
One lesson is that because they believe they “know”, they speak with a high level of confidence. And the second is that very often they actually know a few things about what they are talking about, and because they are confident they share and people listen. And furthermore, because they are confident about their knowledge it can actually put them in a very creative and solution oriented state of mind.

Your opportunity to be a “Guru” and have others listen intently.

This is a project for people who want to take their success to the next level, and who might need a topic for their first video.

The prize for the best “Guru” will be a Three Free Hours of Coaching.

The Format:

Imagine that you have just hit the fast forward button on your life. When you hit stop you are standing on a podium as the guest speaker for a most special event. Its the annual success symposium, and you are the Key Note speaker. You are there to tell your story. To tell everyone how you did it.

Now hit play on the video and tell us how “You Did It”.

Remember this is not a what I would do, this is how you did it. It’s not planning, It’s reflecting.

I would also suggest dressing properly for the video. You would not where pajamas to such a momentous occasion.

Video Length: 5 to 15 minutes.

Submission: Place your link in the comment section and it will be added to the post.

Deadline for submissions: Thursday, March 19, 2009

Voting: From Friday, March 20 to Sunday March 22 Midnight EST.

Winner Prize: 3 Hours of Coaching To Help You Further Realize Your Goals


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