I Will Build Your Business For Free.

Part of the reason for that title is because I want to test how people respond to different messages. Though there is some truth to the title which I will explain in a moment.

Unfortunately there are many that sit around waiting for a “Free Ride”. One of three things happen to these people.

1. They watch a lot of TV, eat lots of junk food and live sad, boring and meaningless lives.

2. They spend excessive amounts of money on get rich quick scheems, where they “Don’t have to do any work”.

3. Some win the lottery and lose it all within a year. They didn’t know how to handle and appreciate money to begin with, so they go on massive spending sprees buy big houses and cars and then get crushed by mortgage payment, property taxes etc. And then end up back in front of the TV on welfare.

I personally do not beleive in the “Free Ride”. I put in a good effort for my success and when I accomplish I appreciate the rewards and I feel good.

I have worked hard and built a successful online business www.label-land.com. When I built the business it was not because I was interested in Labels. It was because I wanted to get into coaching and consulting. I figured the best way was to prove myself first. In three years I took the biz from $0 to over $100,000 a year in income.

Now some of you might be thinking “I can’t wait three years, I want it now”. If you are building an online business from scratch I will be glad to help you skip many of the mistakes I made along the way so it will take less time. If you are doing a Direct Marketing type biz, applying the proper tools and working hard you can probably cut the time in half.

If you don’t want to do any work you can always grab a coke and a bag of chips and watch sitcoms and infomertials.

Now about the free business building.

I will do four things for you.

1. I will be putting together a series of short 5-7 minute videos to help you with building an online business.

2. I will blog regularly with insight on how to move forward in your business and your life.

3. I will introduce you to others that can help you on your journey.

4. I will offer you a free 30 min cosulting or 1hr coaching session, to help you grow you and your business.

Once you have this Free information you will have to…Ready for this…..WORK. Yup you will have to actually make the effort for your success, but I believe you can do it.

So where do you begin?

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You can also email me at robmoshe (at) gmail (dot) com

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