Regular Tweets Or Auto Tweets? Or Perhaps A Brilliant Combination Of Both.

I Received an @Reply to one of my auto tweets and felt that I would like to answer it at more length.

It was from Angela Campbell. Below is her comment.

AngelaVCampbell@Rob_Moshe I suggest doing your own posts instead of autoresponding. People like a personal touch!

I partially agree with Angela. There is nothing like a personal touch, human interaction is a key to good health.

I am quite new to twitter but I see that Twitter fills many different needs. Some people want to talk politics and finance. Some want to talk philosophy and spirituality. Others want to talk business, growth and success. And  there are some that want to talk about every action in their day, like doing laundry and going to take out the garbage.

I will be honest with you. I am so not interested in talking about the mundane actions of my day. I don’t like wasting peoples reading time with unimportant stuff. “But wait Rob, If those people care about you, don’t they want to know about all these things”?

That is true but I also care about them, so if I am going to tell someone something, its going to be about what I’m doing to make a difference in our world. I value my followers time so I try to only share and ask for value.

What I am here to do on Twitter is to help YOU achieve YOUR personal vision of YOUR best self. It’s not who I think you should be. It’s about “Who YOU Be”

I’m also here to share ideas and insights that I have learned over the year, and to learn from others, so that we can all grow to our best.

In that light I feel the need for a dual approach.

When you have thousands of people following you it is hard to have a conversation with everyone. It is also difficult to always be online at the same time or on line period (I still have to do some work).

I’m here to interact with people that want to grow in Life in Business and Online. So I created two auto tweets that help me connect with those people. I alternate them every half hour, because I feel I won’t be annoying that way. I am making the assumption that people are not spending hour after hour on Twitter (If you are, you might want to do some deep reflection on goals and value), and that every half and hour there are new eyes online that didn’t read my prior tweets.

This approach helps me to connect with those that are interested in the same thing.

Once they have connected with me there is an opportunity for rich and valuable conversation.

That leads us to the personal tweets. Once people enter my space I better ad value. If I was all Auto Talk and no Personal Action. I would end up being the only one reading my Tweets (and my mother too. You can always count on Mom)
But I make sure that once someone enters my space I am there to give them value. I work to give solid information and insights and ask questions that wake people up. I back up automation with personal substance. And I let anyone put me to the test.

You can search my @Rob_Moshe to see the great personal conversations I have.

Some Tips On Auto Responding.

1. Do it sparingly – avoid the temptation to repeat the same tweet more than 12 times a day.

2. Give Value –  If all you are doing is trying to get people to buy your product and are not interested in creating a relationship I might suggest newspaper adds or adwords. People are here for value, you tweets should lend them selves to creating good conversation.

3. More Personal than Auto – Again this is about being social, even if this is about business, you are here to network with other, to get to know what each other is about. If all you do is Auto Tweet all day and then say “Hello everyone don’t you just love my product”, only Mom will be responding.

4. Days Off and Vacations – We all need down time (a take my Sabbath rest seriously). If you feel that you must maintain your presence while away, be sure to really vary your auto posts. Let people know that you are taking a break but keeping it interesting.

Again I would like to thank Angela for helping to initiate this post. I hope you found it valuable.

All the best,


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