Music Can Do More Than Sooth The Savage Beast

In a coaching session we often start with an Attunement. If you would like to do that. Before you read further listen to this above piece of music. Really listen.  As you listen discover the message that the music is giving you.

Music is truly amazing. In five minutes a musical piece can say more that an entire novel. Music has the ability to cut right through you and touch your deepest essence.  Whatever your mood is at a given moment, music can instantly change it. When you are feeling down, or want to have MORE fun, or need more courage, the right piece of music can take you there.
For years marketers have know about the controlling power of music. They use it to entice you, excite you, and even scare you. They are always looking for ways to persuade you with music.

But how often do you use music to persuade yourself?

Do you actively use songs to effect your mood?

I have certain songs that I either humm, sing in my head or out loud or listen to when I need a mood modification.

Feeling Down and Defeated. -When I’m Up I Can’t Get Down – Great Big C

When I need to persevere. – Chariots of fire – Vangelis

When I need to give it my all. – Theme Song to Rocky

Coaching Questions:

What are your most empowering songs?

What message do these songs hold for you?

How can you use your songs to guide you in your days?

How will they serve you in achieving your life goals?

Conductor….Strike up the band!

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