Live Your Best Life By Serving Others.

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When Was A Time In Your Life Where You Felt The Greatest Sense Of Reward?

Recently I met with a friend, L.C., a retired businessman nearing his 70’s. In the past few months I had noticed that the fire in L.C.’s eyes had dimmed, and I suggested that we have a coaching session to see if we could begin to re-ignite that fire.

By the end of that 45 minute meeting, L.C. began to realize that he still had some fight left in him, and the fire was coming back to his eyes. The session ended with L.C. giving me a warm hug, a grandfatherly kiss on the cheek, and sincere thanks.

In the past few weeks this has be a time where I have felt the greatest sense of reward.

As I reflect further, I see that I always feel best when I am serving others. It is a great feeling to move beyond yourself and help others achieve their dreams and goals.

Robin Sharma, in his “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” series of books, discusses the idea of a Servant Leader. A servant leader does not walk ahead expecting others to follow. He supports, coaches, and helps others so they too reach their highest potential.

In light of this, I am about to embark on an exciting project.

My goal in the next year is to help at least 500 people get closer to their goals and dreams. I will do that through leadership coaching, the sharing of ideas, insights, information and connections.

My intention is to set up a website where this can happen. I will also try to design it in such a way that others that are interested in helping others can also participate.

Below is a sign up form to begin the process.


I look forward to serving.


Rob Moshe

Sign up here to be part of my “Help 500″ project.



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