Twitter Might Not Just Be For the Birds

Like costume jewlery and low calorie sweeteners, nothing replaces the real thing.

I have heard of this site called Twitter, but until today I didn’t really know what it was all about. Basically it is a blog like site that has you create a personal space where you put mini posts (less than 140 Characters). And all the posts are to revolve around the question “What are you doing now?”.

From what I understand it ranks pretty high on addictiveness, along with other sites like Facebook.

Though there can be opportunities for positive use. These sites are so utterly time wasting, and ultimately aid in the dumbing down of mankind.

They want us to think that it brings us closer to each other, but in truth it is just a low calorie sweetener, a cubic zirconium.

If we keep up this pace we will eventually beleive that you don’t have to physically interact with a single human being. Everything will be short hand sound bytes, we will use simulators to give us the feelings and sensations of intimacy and contact, and to procreate we can send our frozen goods to the local incubation and baby making center.

OK. I know I might be getting a little over dramatic, but I am trying to get a point across.

Stop Wasting Your Life!
Focus on What Matters!

But my heading does indicate that there might be a positive use for Twitter. So what is it?

The question that Twitter ask is “What are you doing?”

Great question for YOU.

Go for it, answer that question every time you are doing something throughout your day.

But remember the answers are for you. Why are they for you? Because they will help you answer your second question.

What Should I Be Doing?

The more you can get focused on what you should be doing, the more your life moves into meaningful alignment.

Holding to the 80/20 rule. 20% of what you do in your day is what really matters, the rest is just life wasting filler.

Becoming aware of “What am I doing?” so you can focus on “What Should I be doing?”, will help you eliminate all the things that are ultimately sapping the life right out of you. You will soon find yourself, reading less blogs, spending less time on facebook, and listening to the twitter of real birds, while hanging out with real friends in real time relationships.

And then its time for

Ready. Aim.

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