Is What I Am Doing Now Helping To…?

Stephen Covey uses a concept called majoring in minor things. This means that you are doing something significant but it doesn’t necessarily need to be done by you, or it is not important for you at all in fulfilling your various objectives.

There are three primary areas that we can focus on.

Relating to Self.

Relating to Others.

Relating to Spiritual.

These three areas will encompass our financial, physical, educational, material, familial etc. objectives.

There are so many ways to break down your day, and I am not here to tell you what the perfect day would look like. It is important though that you have a sense of what you want in your days and when you want to focus on these areas.
In traveling if you don’t know your destination, you have no idea in what direction to begin and no way to correct your course if you are going the wrong way.

If for example you break a day in the following way:

6am-8am ~ Exercise/Meditation

9am-4pm ~ Work

5pm-8pm ~ Family

8:30pm-10:30pm ~ Educational

11pm-5:30am ~ Recharge and Repair (commonly known as sleeping)

You now know your destinations/objectives throughout your day.

With the outcomes defined, you can now ask yourself throughout the day this extremely useful course verifying and course correcting question.

Is What I Am Doing Now Helping To__________________________?

You can fill in the blank depending on what your given objective is at the time.

So if you are at work and you come across a great article on parenting. Just as you are about to read it you ask yourself the question;

Is What I Am Doing Now Helping To achieve my work objectives? The answer would be NO.

Becoming a better parent is no minor thing, but at that particular moment it is not in-line with your destination.

it is like booking a flight to Florida and on the day of the flight trying to board a plane for Alberta because that is also on your list of destinations you would like to travel to.

By training yourself to focus on the objective at hand you will find yourself being far more efficient and effective in your goals and tasks. You will also discover that you have more time available to grow in the three primary areas of your life.

Now as your self the question.

Is What I Am Doing Now (Reading This Post) Helping To…?

If the answer is YES, then I am glad I could be of service in fulfilling your objective.

If the answer is no, then its time for you to make a decision and get back on course to your desired destination.

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