You Know Something That I Don’t Know

I am starting the “Baby Step” process to getting quality content on my blog again. We often wonder why some bloggers are so successful while others cant even get a single reader to their site. I would say that one of the main differences is persistence and perseverance. Those who set a process and stick to it are far more likely to succeed then the occasional poster and online bu
siness builder.

Now you might be thinking; What about quality content and design?

I agree that those are also important elements, but when it comes to the masses of people using the internet those two areas take a back seat to persistence and perseverance. And here is why.

With over a billion users on the web, to succeed you only need to attract a very small percentage. For example if you had a product that cost a dollar and you wanted to sell $40,000  worth of that product you would only have to attract .004% of the people on the web.

Now I know you are thinking that there are so many products, services and information on the web how am I going to make a buck? The answer to this is the beauty of the web. 

The first answer is that because there are so many potential customers out there it is almost impossible to have enough suppliers to fill the need. For example one of my sites have over 200,000 hits in 2008, which is less than .02% of the unique traffic on the web. Out of those 200,0000 visitors less than 4000 (less than .0004% of unique traffic on the web) visitors placed an order on my site. Gross Sales for 2008 was just shy of six figures.
I don’t have a unique product and I have plenty of competition, and if another 100 sites of the same product came on line I would most likely still be growing every year.

The second answer is that the are hundreds of thousands of people looking for what you have and what you know. This may come as a shock to many, especially when it comes to informational (knowledge) products, but you know things that many others don’t know and they are willing to pay for what you know.

Did you know that in the Northern Hemisphere toilettes flush clockwise and in the Southern Hemisphere toilettes flush counter clockwise?
If you said yes you would be wrong. Thought large bodies of water are effected by the Coriolis effect. Bathroom toilets swirl in the direction that the jets point.

Why did I just tell you this? Because it is a relatively useless piece of interesting bathroom information that one might find in one of those  bathroom FAQ and Humor books, that people pay $20+ for. Why do they buy it? Because they don’t know the information and they want something to talk and laugh about.

The third answer. Again because there are so many eyeballs on the web, with such a vast range of technical and visual refinement it is quite easy for a person to have a mediocre technical and visual site and still be able to draw traffic and customers.

Don’t believe me?

If you have gotten this far in my post, the fact that you are still reading means that the information is relatively interesting and informative.
I will be the first to admit that my site is not overly tech savvy or visually pleasing, but you are still here and still reading.
You are part of the over 136,000 unique visitors that I have had since January 2008, that have read my posts, bought products from my other sites and clicked on my various affiliate links.

And without putting a full dose of persistence and perseverance into my web endeavors I have, thank G-d, managed to make a good living. 

Know you should know that I am an exceptional human being, but so are you. So there is no reason that you can’t be meeting or exceeding my achievements. You just have to pick what you want to do put it together and be persistent and persevere.

I don’t know about you but I am feeling inspired to do more.

If you would like a free 30 min consultation or coaching session just send me a comment and we can work on taking you to your next level.

Wishing you success in 2009

Rob Mose

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