Daily Q. – What Is Your Fuel, What Are Your Sparks?

Have you ever felt like you just can’t get in gear?

Physically you feel fine. You’re eating OK, getting a bearable amount of sleep, and don’t have to many stressors weighing you down. But mentally you are a sputtering blob. You feel like you are running on one brain cell, and it’s primary task is spacing out.

Everything has it fuel; Cars use gas, people eat food, computers use electricity and trees photosynthesize sun light.

And likewise there is a spark that turns the fuel into energy; gas needs a spark, food needs enzymes, etc.

Our minds also need fuel and spark to get energized. Though when it comes to our minds there are many different kinds of fuels and sparks that ignite us. I would like to call the fuel ‘Awareness’ and the spark ‘Action’. When we become aware of the things that inspire and invigorate us and we take action on that awareness, we become energized and revitalized, we no longer feel the slow passage of time, rather we become absorbed in the moment and enter a flow state.

A person who realizes that their fuel is creating natural beauty on a painters canvas, will become ignited by finding an image to paint, picking up their brush and paints (the sparks) and begin creating a master piece.

A mathematician with theorize on how to explain anything mathematically (fuel) pick up a pencil or piece of chalk (the sparks), and get lost in the infinite possibilities of the equation.

For me it is the contemplation of ways to help others realize their best self (fuel) and the sharing of them through verbal and written discussion (the sparks). When I am in the zone the challenge becomes shutting of my thoughts so I can fall asleep at night.

What Is Your Fuel, What Are Your Sparks?

Think back to times when you were in your groove. What was the recurring theme, what actions did you take?

Ladies and Gentlemen. Start Your EnginesÂÂ


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