See Yourself For Who You Really Are.

I have always thought the actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. ~John Locke


The following post is hard hitting. I write this knowing that spending just 30min in a free coaching session with me can help you begin to break through to what you really want in life… Success.

I don’t want to be broke.

I don’t want to be fat.

I don’t want to be unhealthy.

I don’t want to be alone.

I don’t want to be stupid.

I don’t want to be a loser.

I don’t want to be unsuccessful.

I don’t want to be a failure.

If any of the statements above or something similar have passed your lips, I am about to share with you a hard truth.

You DO want to be;






a loser.



This might seem pretty harsh, you may even feel this is unfair, but the reality is that actions do speak louder than words.

Lets look at ‘I don’t want to be broke”

Are you in a dead end low paying job? - Yes

Do you spend all of your monthly check? - Yes

Do you waste your money on unnecessary wants? - Yes

Do you carry debt? - Yes

Do you pay your bills late? - Yes

Do you spend more than 2 hrs a day watching TV. - Yes

Do you want to be BROKE? – Absolutely and undoubtedly YES!

Regardless of what you might tell yourself or others, if that is the way you live your life, then you will be broke. If you don’t want to be broke, change your actions.

If we were having a conversation you might try to defend and deny, throw in the “It’s not my fault” card, and more ‘buts’ than a chain smokers ashtray.

Fortunately for you this is a blog post and instead of defensively arguing, you can take the time instead for some sincere reflection.

What you say you want means very little if you actions contradict them. When you become aware of your actions you get a sense of your true intentions.

Align your actions with right intentions and your life will drastically change.

If you don’t want, then ACT how you DO want.

If you don’t want to be obese then take action that proves it.

Turn of the T.V. and exercise, throw out all the junk food in the house, don’t “super size”, eat smaller portions. When you do this two things will happen

1. You will lose weight

2. People will believe you when you say “I don’t want to be overweight”

What don’t you want? – Then stop doing it.

What DO you want? – START DOING IT!

Sorry if my words seem harsh. No one should ever sell themselves short. Life is short, we have so much potential and are busy wasting it in mediocrity.

Need help taking action? A free 30min coaching session can take you to your deepest wants.


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