Ecstasy. Pain. Transcendence.

Recently I was reading a book by Dr. R. Tatz, a deep mystical thinker.

He was discussing the idea of a three stage creative process.

The first stage is the stage of infinite possibility, also referred to as ecstasy. In this stage there is no limit to what can be done, space and time are meaningless, there is only perfection.

The second is the stage of the finite, it has elements of effort, work and pain. This is the stage of structure and limitation, you are bound by time and space.

The final stage is that of Transcendence. This is almost a paradoxical stage because it is a combination of the first two stages.
Dr. R. Tatz, uses the analogy of the conception and birth of a child. The infinite represented by man, contributes and infinitesimally small part to the creative process, but that small sperm is packed with boundless potential. Once it joins with the egg, the finite creative process, represented by the woman begins. Within the space of the uterus the cells begin to multiply and differentiate, their boundaries are defined and a human form begins to take shape. This process involves work, effort and pain on the mothers part. Finally the diametric components of infinite and finite transcend into a newborn child that though limited in space and time, also has the potential to carry on the infinite genetic code and wisdom of the previous generation.

Dr. R. Tatz’s purpose in discussing this, is to set the foundation to living an inspired life. When you understand the process, you can more easily handle the ups and down, and devote yourself to the process.

In new business ventures, entrepreneurs often give up, because the original idea that had so much energy and potential, gets bogged down with slow processes, set backs and negativity. If the entrepreneur can see that this is part of the process and realize that in-order to merge their infinite dream with the limits of reality, they must persevere through the pain, and frustration. Through that maintained effort they will move beyond the struggle and move into the flow of success.

We dream of the perfect relationships, but fail to step out of the vision and do the work required to make that vision as real as possible. But if we put in the effort, and persevere through the hard times, we can realize the rewards of a beautiful long lasting relationship.

Probably the relationship where this is seen the most, is that of a parent and child. We bring or child into the world and see the endless possibilities that lie ahead. We spend the next 25 odd years, in seemingly endless conflict and frustration. Then when we hold our first grandchild and see the process come full circle, we come to appreciate all that led up to this moment, the effort and pain becomes a completely worthwhile experience, one that we would repeat again without hesitation.

Reflect on the areas in your life where you are experiencing pain and frustration. If it is because you are trying to realize your dreams, take reassurance that this is all part of the process of bringing that dream to reality.

If you have a dream, but have not acted to bring it to fruition, take that first step and fearlessly anticipate the work and struggle that will follow, for it is that effort and pain that will lead you to the achievement of your goal.

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