The Coaching Carnival – Breaking Ground

Welcome to the first “Coaching Carnival”. For those that are not familiar with blog carnivals, Wikipedia defines it;

‘A blog carnival is a type of blog event. It is similar to a magazine, in that it is dedicated to a particular topic, and is published on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains permalinks links to other blog articles on the particular topic.’

I picked Coaching for the carnival, because that is what is on the forefront for me. I feel that coaching can help other improve their edge and reach their highest potential.

The challenge with a coaching carnival is that, a coach gives you tools for growth, but you have to implement them, therefore it will be difficult to define what is a good coaching post. As with all my projects I like to take the “Ready. Fire.Aim.” approach, with time it will evolve into its proper vision.

Lets Begin:

Mark Fleming presents Respect Your Decisions posted at – In Mark’s post you’ll learn that it is not just about making decisions, but making the right decision and respecting their truth.

“Before making a decision it is a good idea to notice your inner feelings about what you are considering. Do you feel at ease about what you are thinking to do? Is it in line with your principles and values of life? If you decide to do something that is not in accordance with your inner state then you will almost certainly find that it is very difficult to complete the task that you’ve decided to do. In fact you may not even start it! This procrastination then breeds self resentment and a general state of inertia. You keep looking at what you have decided to do but the reality is that you don’t really want to do it! By making sure that the decision aligns with your values first then there should be nothing to hold you back. ”

Tiffany Colter presents Lesson Learned and How I got here posted at Writing Career Coach. – This blog discusses how to have success beginning from the first day of this new year, and how technology is changing the way books are made and sold!

Shawn Driscoll presents Top 5 Reasons We Don’t Know What We Want posted at Shawn Driscoll. – The Fourth reason “Too much on you plate” definitely resonates with me. You have to know what you want and say NO to the rest.

HL Grove presents Kill Procrastination Before It Kills Your Happiness posted at MoneyWeb24. – If you are procrastinating you are not moving forward.

“Procrastination often makes us feel like we have no purpose. We feel as though we are here simply to pass the time until something better comes along. Get out of that rut and stop that particular line of thinking right now!”

James D. Brausch presents Make A Wish & Nothing Happens posted at Internet Business Blog. -Knowledge is not power. Knowledge with action is power.

Thats a wrap. I hope you find great value in the insights of these tallented coaches.

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