Thinking About Rabbits Feet

Recently we were enjoying a short family trip in the great white north (Orillia), on the last day we went snow shoeing. As were adventuring a brave rabbit hopped right up to us, seemingly looking for food. I was surprised because it is not the normal habit of such animals to walk up to people, usually you have to stand like a statue so you can catch more than a quick glance of these woodland wonders.
Most likely the rabbit was willing to take the risk because his hunger outweighed his fear.

As I was observing the scene of this rabbit eating from my hand, I was struck by the power of that reflection;
“He was willing to take the risk because his hunger outweighed his fear”.

So often we resist change because we fear breaking away from the status quo, a mediocre known life is much safer than risking change to possibly find a better you.

But like the little rabbit, what if your hunger was so great that you were willing to take the necessary risks to feed that hunger?

What are you hungry for? How do you find your hunger?

Take a few minutes and think about what your best life would look like. What would you be doing with your days? Where would you be living? How would you be dressed? Who would you be spending your time with? What would you be accomplishing?

How different is that picture from your life now?
What steps would you have to take to realize that future vision?

Spend the next few days; morning, noon and night recalling your vision. Reflect on it until it is clear in your minds eye. This will be your hunger. The more you envision it the more you will hunger.

The steps that you need to take to realize your vision are the “risks”

Become so hungry for your vision, that it will outweigh any fear of taking the necessary risks.

Time to eat…

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